Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rain Again!!!

Okay, normally I would beg for rain, but this is too much. It is pouring here again, TS Hanna left us with a river going down the length of our yard and it still hadn't dried out. It has been pouring buckets since we got home at 3pm.

I talked to my friend April today. It has been so long. I received a letter from her last week and it was great. We haven't talked in probably 8-9 years. LOVED hearing from her.

I have to work on some hat pin cushions tonight for a couple cool ladies. Actually, they are called Le Petit Chapeau, I have no idea what that mean, I never studied French, had a hard enough time with English. So the pin cushions are out of the Need'l Love book Purely Provence. Awesome stuff!! I love all of Need'l Love's stuff. For those that don't know this photo is from the book.

I am currently watching The Iron Giant with Alice so this is taking me much longer to type than I was hoping. I am hoping to start this blog to keep myself motivated to get moving on my crafting. I have so many ideas I need to get out. Speaking of ideas, I need to get to work on some hats. I will write again and try to make it more interesting. I am pretty scatter-brained right now. Later!!

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