Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day Coming!

Oh, how I love you. I have not seen a real snow in a number of years and now that we live in North Carolina I wonder if we ever will. We have a chance to tomorrow. Yes, they have already canceled school in our county so the kids are very excited. Last year schools were canceled and nothing happened. But they are happy about this. Well until they have to go with me to work, then they will probably not be so happy.

I hope it snows a foot (they are only calling for 1-4 inches) but I would love the kids to play in real snow. Have a snowball fight, sled down the hill, make snow angels, come inside and not be able to feel your fingers or toes, warm snot running down your nose (ha-ha - ruined that fun thought didn't I). Well, we will have to wait and see.

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