Monday, April 6, 2009

Antique Chenille Bedspread

My dear friend and I went out this weekend to a local antique sale and met a couple wonderful ladies there.  One of the ladies asked my friend to make an apron from antique fabric she has and she asked me to make some pillows from an antique bedspread.  I made 4 pillows and a little pin cushion right away.  She told me I could keep the remainder of the bedspread so I am excited thinking about all the wonderful things I can make from it.  Here are a couple shots of it and the pillows I made.  I used some 30’s repro fabrics and a couple others for the back of the pillows.

 100_1471 100_1473 100_1479


I really think they are pretty.  I use to sit on eBay for hours looking at the antique chenille bedspreads and throws and have always wanted to do this, so I was very happy when she asked.

I picked up a little shelf also while I was there.  It is the perfect size for where I wanted it but now I realize the color is all wrong so I guess I will have to paint it.  It is much too bright for the spot and for my house, but it is very pretty.


Well, off to work in the craft room!!!

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