Friday, May 22, 2009

Purses, Purses and more Purses!!

Alice was on my case to make her Kindergarten teacher something with some penguin fabric she had picked out (her teacher loves penguins).  I had found this great quilt pattern and wanted to do that but it is all appliqué and there is only a couple more weeks of school left, no way I could get it done. So I went looking through my magazines for something easy.  Well, I found an issue of BHG Quilts and More, page 17 a pattern for an easy tote bag called “Pick a Pocket”.  It is a cute little bag, I even had a sticky note on the page because I wanted to make one.

I also had an order for a “Doll in a Bag”, so I changed my original design to this pattern, it was just too cute.

I then made one for myself using some of my Japanese novelty fabric. I have a lot of this and have never really used it except for a couple small things. Cutting it has been very difficult for me.  But I fought the urge to just hoard it and made a bag for me.  The next morning I found a note where my bag once sat, from my oldest daughter Natalie, she had taken my bag for her own.  Also on her note was an additional order for a bag with her fabric (another Japanese novelty print with owls on it – oh baby this was getting hard).  And Alice reminded she could not give one to her teacher if she did not have one for her assistant teacher.  So while they were at school I made the other two.

If you are not counting, that is 5, yes five little purses, and more orders coming in.  I have two from work and another for my daughters friends birthday and the list goes on. 

Here are pictures of my completed bags and one of my “Dolls in a Bag”. 100_1727 100_1728 100_1729100_1732 100_1730 100_1731 I actually feel like I could make a hundred of these. So very easy.  With each one I keep adding or doing something different.  It will not be as easy the further I get but it will definitely be fun!

Well, I am just getting off work from 3rd shift and have tons of laundry to do, grass to cut, flowers to plant and just maybe a nap (but that probably wont happen).

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