Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Adventures!

Saturday was a great day!  First Jan came over, then we went to the kids gymnastics meet, then we went to Sunny Skies ice-cream in Angier, NC (YUMMY).

Then out of the blue I say, there is a little antique store in Angier, does anyone want to go, expecting all negative responses I was shocked to here all yeses.  So we go and guess what, they are CLOSED!! Boo-hoo I thought. As we are making out way to get mulch so I can finish the garden I suggest we go through the old town of Fuquay Varina, because there is a little antique/consignment shop there, everyone is again all for it.  Thankfully, they are open.

So Bernie is looking for Ball Jars because he likes to put his pennies in there (he is an avid Lincoln cents collector and put his undesirables in the jars).  Well he hit the jackpot.

100_1842 Gordon picked up some pop bottles (he collects old bottles). Natalie picked up some type of marble, wire, prosperity tree with rusty bells on it, she was really taken by it. Alice couldn’t find anything she liked. Jan got a great old pot perfect for dying fabric (she left it here telling me I was keeping it, but that is not going to happen). The kids and Bernie then find then old school desk in the back for cheap, it may not be a “real” antique but it is real old and in super condition, and cute. Bernie wants to get it and I like it, so, taken.100_1840 I saw a couple things I really wanted but I had made a promise to everyone I was not going to be spending anymore money. Well, they had this old Singer Sewing machine in a wood case and I asked how much, yikes, I said okay but never mind.  Then she cut the price in half, much more reasonable price I thought, but said I couldn’t right now.  Bernie goes looking at it and comes to me and says, “I think you should get it.”  What?????  I ask Jan and get the same response.   Come on people I am trying to be good here.  They both think it is a great idea. So I get it. And I get guilt for the rest of the day and no mulch or fertilizer for my yard.  I have an antique Singer sewing machine table that my mother (God rest her soul) had taken apart and given away the sewing machine, the treadle and all is still in tack but the machine is gone. A treadle sewing machine, oh what a loss.  So after I pretty the machine up it will be displayed on it.  Everything seems to work but I am afraid if I put it out the thirty little fingers of the Helms household will not be able to resist touching it. So here it is.



Well, off to do some work!! Have a great day!!


Lynn said...

Big shout of happiness here for you - LOVE your new machine - you would have regretted not buying it for a long time.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I hope that is the case. Would have loved to finish the front garden though - LOL!!!

susan said...

oh geez if you ever want to get rid of it!! seriously pretty!