Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Air Conditioning!!!

Finally, we have a cool house.  The upstairs unit had a major leak going on and the a/c guy was able to fix it on site.  The downstairs unit needs a new coil so that will be coming later this week.  The downstairs is working enough to keep it cool because the leak is tiny but that just means until the coil is replaced it will still be leaking Freon.  This means we will be paying again for a refill of Freon.  I cannot understand how this happened. If it was just one unit I could see, but both is just freaky.  Anyway, it is almost completely fixed.

I had moved a lot of crafting stuff and sewing machine downstairs, made a real big mess down there. Now I have to move it all back up to my messy craft room.  It looks awful in there.  I have been busy making some items. Hopefully I will be able to finish a few up tonight and post them in the morning.

Gordon is still hanging on to his penny, no updates there.  Poor fella sometimes he complains of cramps and I am guessing it is from the penny trying to work itself out.  About another week he will have to have another x-ray if he doesn’t pass it.

I do have great news.  Finally after much pressure from others, my friend Sharon has started a blog.  Yippee!!!  I love her.  When I first moved to North Carolina I took some classes from her at her house and I always felt she did so much more for me than just teach me some new stitches.  I believe she gave me the confidence I was lacking in my crafting world. (Does that make sense?). Anyway, she is great, you know her, Sharon Stewart from Liberty Rose Patterns, her blog is www.libertyrosepatterns.blogspot.com.

All for now.  Hopefully you will see some new projects from me in the morning!! Have a great night!


Sharon Stewart said...

Jennifer, you are so funny and so sweet. I was checking to see if there was an update on the penny and sure didn't expect to find my name there!! You are such a special friend to me!!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Likewise babycakes!!! Glad to see you on board!!