Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Pillow

I have been real busy on embroideries and such. I have finished up 6 embroideries and started another Raggedy Ann and Andy tonight.   Still have not finished my Halloween goodies but they are all beginning to look awesome.

Natalie went to a birthday party this past weekend and she wanted me to make something for her friend. I decided to stitch up a little horse embroidered pillow (because the little girl loves horses). It turned out real cute. I colored some of it with colored pencil and put a little rick rack around the outside.  The picture did not turn out too great, I think it was too bright outside.


I am ashamed to say I have again lost all my photos.  I finally began backing them all up on a disk and somehow when I was trying to put more on the disk I was using said it did not have any pictures on it. Of course I had already deleted them from my hard drive. Will I ever learn to just get them developed.  My hubby says to just take what I have and get them developed before we loose everything.  I have a separate hard drive that I had used a couple months ago and I am hoping the pictures will be on there, but there will probably still be a 3 month period that will be missing. Shame on me!!!!

Not much happening here. I have been working (my real job) a little extra the past couple weeks.   I hate to admit that I am behind on my blocks of the month(s) again and still.  I have been so busy doing other things. I promised I would actually try to finish things. HA HA. Time to start the ADD meds again I guess.

Have a great night!!!


Sharon Stewart said...

Hey girl! What a sweet and thoughtful gift you made. I'm sure the little girl loved it. Get yourself an external hard drive and CD's also to back everything up twice!! I can't believe you lost them again. I would just sit and cry. But don't. It won't change anything. Hugs to you. Keep busy.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

She liked the pillow, her mom loved the pillow. I will get busy one day soon and back everything up. Thanks for the tips!!