Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh how nice it feels!

Our house is finally back to normal. Nice and cool.  I have started to straighten up the quilt/craft room so I can get to work.  Have lots of plans for tonight.  Time to start on fall crafts. I am very excited.

I went by the Rusty Bucket (  in Apex today and Pam has the most wonderful stuff there. If you have a little extra to spend you should go down and check out all the neat primitive/country items.  I took a load, the “Charlotte” doll is gone, I am very sad.  I took a couple chickens and a lot of pigs.

I just missed Vicky Wallace, she brought in some wonderful primitive dolls. She is very talented.

100_2118 Aren’t they adorable.  The one on the bottom right could very well pass as a mouse.  Gordon made the pink with with no back legs. He thought he looked cool sitting down.

100_2120100_2122 100_2121 I was putting hair on my chickens playing around and had a thought. A Raggedy Ann chicken.  I showed the hubby and he loved it, but I decided to just give them a little.

I had a great idea for an embroidered quilt.  I am only going to show one picture.  My husband is a Postmaster with the Postal Service so this one is for him.  I started drawing it out last night and it turned out exactly like I had planned.  I am far from being finished but I have the ‘backbone’ finished.

hpqscan0002I know you can’t really tell what I am doing, but it will be wonderful in the end. I am so excited!!

Off to craft!!

Have a great 4th of July for those who celebrate!


Lynn said...

So cute - I love the chickens and the pigs. Have a happy fourth too! We're going to a mudcats game/fireworks display tonight.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thanks Lynn, have a great time today!!!

debra lynn said...

Those pigs are super cute!!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Debra Lynn!!!