Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I had posted earlier about us not getting much rain.  Well we have not been getting as much as our neighboring towns and that has not changed much.  We did get some when no one else did, which is kind of     funny.  I have become rain obsessed. Last night we watched a storm going around us on all sides again. I snapped some pictures of it (why you ask – because I am obsessed).


I was also able to capture a couple shots of the lightening. My reflexes are getting pretty slow in my old age but I got a couple. Don’t zoom in too much or you will see they blur. I do not know how to use this camera or know if the camera is just a piece of junk (as my husband says – well I did not use the term he uses). But I think they turned out kind of neat.

100_2363 100_2335I had fun. Natalie actually sat outside with me while I was doing it, being that the kids are petrified of storms this was a huge undertaking for her. I am very proud.


Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures - and much cooler too!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yes, thank goodness it got a little cooler.