Friday, September 25, 2009

Feeling A Little Worn Out!

It has been real nice getting extra hours at work, but I think I am becoming burned out.  I don’t get excited about going and getting some stitching done while getting paid.  Sounds awful but I am longing to get some good sleep.  Tired of sleeping little bits and having those little bits be filled of wacky dreams.  Yesterday I dreamt I was eating a piece of cheese pizza and the crust was way to hard, I kept thinking (in my dream) this cannot be good for my cracked tooth (will get to that in a second).  So I am trying my hardest to chew this thing and I wake up and I am chomping on my mouth guard. Great! Here is a snapshot I took of myself this morning when I got home from work.


See what I mean – exhausted!

So, I bought a night guard about a two weeks ago because I couldn’t take waking up with the headaches and jaw aches any longer. Not to mention I had already broke one of my front teeth from grinding my teeth before.  Well, I was wearing every night until Saturday when I was too lazy to go get it and put it in. On Sunday I woke up with a real bad FACE ACHE.  During the day it continued to get worse.  I narrowed the pain down to my two lower back teeth. I thought maybe I have something in there so I brought out the floss. BAD IDEA!!!! I about fainted (and peed my pants – this happens when you get older) when I put the floss between the teeth. I screamed, my husband says, “I wouldn’t do that again,” really, are you sure?, I thought. Well I called the dentist which I have not been to in years because we had no dental insurance and couldn’t afford it. The lady who answered was the sweetest lady. She couldn’t get me in on Monday but could on Tuesday, so it was set I would go on Tuesday.  I took the kids to school and we went to the book fair (fund raiser) and as I was leaving I realized I had agreed to help one of my coworkers out and work for her on Tuesday. I called the dentist back and she said she was going to talk to the dentist and call me back. Even though she was booked up for the day she said she wanted me to come in to make sure I didn’t need an antibiotic or something. She took the x-ray and I had a cavity (yes my kids will get me for that one) in the back tooth and my filling I have had since a child was loose on the tooth next to it. BUT, she could not do the work that day. Just then my favorite receptionist in the world came through the door and advised the dentist the next appointment had canceled.  Yippee and oh no were both going through my mind. So she started working on me and the Novocain was not working. Twelve or more injections later (maybe not that many but it seemed like it) she realized the tooth with the loose filling was also cracked. She pumped enough in there to get the job done and advised me she hoped this would work but she did not think it would.  I will probably need a root canal and crown. Anyway, I was in much pain the next day at work and fighting falling asleep. My gums look like someone took an ice pick to them and I still cannot eat anything with any substance on that side.  I thought it was doing better but last night it started hurting again. The pain has not been like before but it is slowly getting worse.  I told her to just pull it out, no one listens to me, it is in the back, no one will notice.

So that is my exciting week. Very long winded. I am not a great story teller.  One more night of midnights and I will be off for a few days. I am looking forward to it.  I will be making another post with a couple things I have finished stitching up. Projects for me, yippee, I love things for me!

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