Sunday, September 27, 2009

She’s A Big Girl Now!


My baby girl Alice, she is one lovely little child.  She has never acted like a baby, even when she was one.  I feel like we were cheated because she walked at 9 months and potty trained herself around 1 1/2 (that, I am not missing much). She woke up one day and said, I don’t want to wear diapers anymore and she never did. No accidents or anything. She always wanted to be in the middle of what her brother and sister were doing. But don’t get me wrong she also wore me out. She was always testing me and pushing me way over my limit. She had me cursing on more than one day.  She was also the one who they made all the baby safety rules for. The other two we never had a problem with, but Alice did it all, and had many visits to the emergency room. Half the time we had to assume she was in pain because the child has never complained and if she has, you know it is real bad. We also had a saying, if a toy, decoration, something precious passed down through the families, knick knacks, whatever, if they made it though Alice, they were considered Alice Proof. We had stuff for years, things that made it through the other two children, but they could not survive Alice .  She is also such a sweet little girl. She has always been the “Peace Maker” among her brother and sister and other kids. No arguing over toys with her. If she sees someone is upset about something she will always try to make them happy. All her teachers have always commented on her behavior. She is a joy.

I came home from work Saturday morning and she was up and dressed and had a suitcase packed. She told me her friend Malaya had called the night before and she was going on a sleepover.  A SLEEPOVER????!!! I was not too worried about the sleepover,  because for goodness sakes, she doesn’t even sleep in her own bed.

She packs very well, I obviously passed on some of my packing skills to her.Alice 1st SleepoverShe went over around noon and I kept expecting around 5-6 she would be calling ready to come home. No call. 7pm, no call, 8pm she called, she talked to her brother and sister (they missed her but denied it), she talked to me for just a second, just one tiny second, she loves me, she is having fun, no I miss you mommy, no I want you to come get me mommy. The phone somehow disconnected with the other two trying to talk to her again. I call back and get the mommy, she asked Alice did you want to finish talking to your mommy, the reply “No, I’m done.” My heart broke, she is done, she must have misunderstood the question, I hoped. But no, I had to face the music, she is a big girl now.

She made it through the night, no problems. I stayed up until 4am, waiting for a call but it never came. No, it didn't come until 11:30 the next morning. She said she had to come home but wanted to stay longer. Are we really that bad, is life at home so awful?  I know it is not, but it still makes me kind of hurt a little when I know they are growing up and not needing to be with me all the time.

I love my little Ali-Bear, she is such a sweety.  I love her so much and she will always be my little baby girl!!!!

Alice's 1st Sleepover


Susie said...

Gosh I remember! I have an Alice too...she's 12 now but I remember that first sleep over so well. We can only cherish the days, they pass so quickly...

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Susie! The days do pass way too quickly.