Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why – Why – Why!

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Why is it that kids have to take advantage of you when you are sick.  My kids are very good kids but still they see you are down and they push the envelope.  I am not sure I am making sense because my head is in a fog.  My allergy attack has turned into a pretty sweet cold, ears clogged and all. I have so much work to do.  I put it all off this week hoping my resting would make me feel better, but no, now I feel worse and don’t have what I need to have ready for the Fall Open House at the Rusty Bucket. I have some items done but not what I wanted. Anyway, I feel myself rambling, I must go find some strength. Bernie is getting me some of the good cold medicine as I type so maybe I will feel better soon – such a good guy!

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