Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elf, Elf and more Elves

I have had a busy morning. I am working on orders from the craft show this weekend, most of them consisting of elves and elf boots.  I love these little guys and gals. I love when their bodies are completed and I can start decorating them, dressing them up for the holiday, they all have such great personalities. I wanted to show a picture of them for those who don’t remember what they look like.

 100_2960 100_2977

And lets not forget about the elf boots!100_2989

Well I should get back to work, I only have 3 more hours until I pick up the kids, lots to do. If anyone else is interested in these little guys or gals let me know by emailing me. I take Paypal and credit cards (through Paypal only), if you write me a check, I will have to hold product until it clears. Thanks to you all!!

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susan said...

oh i adore them
how much are they???