Monday, November 23, 2009

We are Alive!!

We made it through the weekend but not without a major event happening. Luckily, Alice was able to forego the emergency room this year, she usually has a trip around Natalie’s birthday. But, I am not sure what happened is not just as worse in her eyes.

One of the little girls had to stay later because her mother works on the weekend.  I was straightening up our bedroom when Alice came in white as a ghost and crying. (I will remember this moment for the rest of my life). She told me Natalie’s friend told her Santa Claus was not real. Oh my goodness, what, Alice is only 6, almost 7, this can’t be happening. She had also told Gordon the same thing  but he chose just not to believe her.  I calmed her down and told her she could not believe everything others tell her and if she knows Santa is real then he is real.  I kept this up until she seemed to believe me, but Alice is a smart gal, I don’t think she truly believes me.

Gordon on the other hand is a obey the rule kind of kid. For example, we were on a family walk in our neighborhood, the kids were riding their bikes. There is an unfinished part where the paved road ends and the dirt road is blocked by a rope so you cannot drive a car through.  They wanted to ride their bikes on the bumpy road (well Mommy wanted to ride their bikes on the bumpy road – take me back to the days when it didn't hurt much to fall in the gravel). As we were walking we looked back because Gordon seemed to be taking a long time going around the “blockade”.  He was just sitting on the ground.  The hubby and I walked back and asked him what was wrong figuring he was hurt. But no, he wasn't hurt, he said he could not follow us. Why – because it was against the rules and that is why it is blocked off.  It is moments like those that make you feel like you are doing your kids wrong, he was right, the rope was there so people would not go back there, so what do we do, we teach him it’s okay to break the rules when you want. Ugghh!! With that story in mind, if Mom and Dad say Santa is real then he is real.

Alice is not like that. She analyzes the situation and if she cannot figure it out logically than it is not so. In her mind, (I know from her questions) Santa cannot fit down the chimney, he cannot go to every house in the world the same night, he should not need money to get everything on the list, the elves will just make it if he is real.

Believing in Santa is not a necessary part of life and it is not what Christmas is all about, but it is fun for them. It is part of being a kid – a part I remember as exciting. The waiting, the anticipating, the not being so disappointed because I didn’t get everything on my list, because I knew Santa had too many lists to keep track of.  It is not fair to have that taken away from them so young.  The sad truth is this is probably the last year of Santa in our lives, I will miss him!!!

Off to finish orders until I pick up the kiddos!

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Evette said...

I love your posts! I think this writing thing is a hidden talent (along with many talents). Home for Thanksgiving?