Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finishing Things Up!

I have decided to start doing some projects in the hundreds of magazines that reside on my bookshelves. What a grand idea, instead of sitting in there taking up space I am actually going to do the projects inside. It is funny because as I go through them, especially the Australian Homespun and Country Threads, I see all these projects that I have seen on the internet and I have said  “Oh I want to do that!” Well I can, I have the patterns.  The first one I completed today is from the Australian Country Threads Vol 9 num 10

001I made the Embroidery Floss Tote by Carmel Scriha. It is cute, I love bags and  a bag with embroidery on it is perfect for me.

Things I Made 002Things I Made 001    I also finished up block 8 from the Bunny Hill Designs free block of the month. I have 9 blocks done now and still have 3 left to go. Actually I am not super happy with how this turned out but it will be okay.

Things I Made 006

My husband and I are watching some crazy John Travolta movie on VH1 and they just had a commercial for a work out video called Flirty Girl Fitness, you can even get a pole with it.  My husband asked if I wanted that – yeah right! Keep dreaming!


Cheryl said...

Hi Jennifer.... imagine my surprise to visit your blog and see an Aussie craft mag looking back at me! How delightful!
And it's the one with my little farmyard friends :-)
have a lovely day!Cheryl xx

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Hi Cheryl - Thanks for visiting. I love your little farmyard friends, you know we love the pig. I already have the patterns traced out. I have an entire bookshelf of Australian magazines, Country Thread, Patchwork&Stitching, Homespun, etc.. You gals are great!!