Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Busy!

Well I have been super busy the last couple of days. Yesterday, after I posted I worked on my Kansas Troubles quilt I had packed away.002

It is called the Kansas Two Step and all I have left is the appliqué on the borders which I am fusing. I cut the flowers and leaves and started the bias strips.


I notice as I was cutting out the leaves, Alice put her mark on one. I have not worked on this quilt for almost two years so it was funny seeing it. I believe it was during the time then she was practicing writing her name on EVERYTHING. I can’t figure out what she used because it appears it was actually scrapped on their, luckily it did not go through to the fabric.004

I also finished up stitching my block for my Friends For Christmas quilt by Lynette Anderson. I had also started this one  a couple years ago and received it as a block of the month from Homestead Hearth. I decided not to put the embellishments on it until after I quilted it. A couple of the other blocks, which you can see if you go to my Flickr page, I did put the embellishments on and wish I hadn’t since it may make the quilting harder. I love this quilt, the fabrics are awesome and it is so whimsical!

Racing Reindeer

After doing some stitching I got hungry and decided to take a break. But, I got side tracked as I usually do and started doing this:006 I know pretty crazy huh? I had promised Alice I would try to put some of it together. After an hour I had this done:007Louise decide she would help me out – thanks Louise!009

I decided to call my friend Jan for reinforcements and asked her to come over. Before she got here though I was finished. It only took me an hour and forty-five minutes to put it together. Call me super woman! We went to pick the kids up from school and we tricked them into thinking it wouldn’t probably be for another couple weeks until it was put together because we were just too busy. I wish I had a picture of their faces when we pulled into the driveway. Priceless!


After letting them  and us play on it for a bit we decided to go to Joanns to get some fabric to make them pajama bottoms. I spent way to much money. The kids love that store and find all this cool crafty stuff. The fabric choices were not that good but they were able to find something they liked.  I also found this lunch box which I am totally in love with:015

When we got home we started Alice and Gordon’s pj bottoms before it got late and Jan had to leave. Alice had fallen asleep on Natalie's bed with her stuffed pig Muddy, it is one of those big Squishables. She also had Silly Putty in her hand. When I went to get her up her head was actually stuck to Muddy and all the Silly Putty had melted into her hair and Muddys. So after spending about 45 minutes in the tub while I used dial soap and warm water I was able to get it out. Her hair still feels kind of funky but that could be also from the soap. Muddy, I don’t think, will recover. I told her I would try to cut it out but I am not sure if that will work. My husband just says buy her another one. That will not be happening for a while, those things are like forty bucks.

Today I finished up the two pair of pj bottoms, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the pets cages, gave all 4 of them a bath.   Harry (the guinea pig) was so upset about the whole situation he bit me on the arm. Little rodent! I am allergic to guinea pigs so my arm swelled up pretty bad but he did not break the skin, just left teeth marks and hives. It seems better now that I took my allergy medicine and put some Benadryl cream on it.

I think I am done with chores for now. I work tomorrow and Monday nights and then I will be on my regular schedule for a couple weeks of only working two nights a week. I hope to continue catching up on my projects I have neglected and house cleaning, oh yeah, and bugging the kids!!!

Happy stitching!!!

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