Friday, February 19, 2010

Melly & Me

I finished up the Princess and the Pea block for the Melly & Me quilt “Once Upon a Time”.  This is such a cute quilt. I can’t wait to pick the fabrics to go with it.Once Upon A Time Melly & Me 001  Today was a great mail day. My friend Sharon from Liberty Rose sent me the rest of the Calendar Girls blocks. I cute the fabric as soon as I got home from picking up the kids. I will trace then tonight. Sharon has been really sick so lets all send her healthy vibes!!

Also tonight I have to finish quilting on Gary. I had quilted it once, and ended up pulling out stitches all night at work. I made  Alice cry – she did not like what I had done to it and told Natalie I “ruined” it. I wanted to cry. I thought she would have loved what I had done, I quilted her name, Gary and added some embellishments in Garys bowl that looked like food. She hated it. So at work the other night, I picked out stitches. I will quilt it tonight and hopefully not “ruin” it again.

I am very excited, we (the whole family) are going to go to the Flea Market tomorrow. Yippee!! I love the Flea Market, the kids love the Flea Market (well maybe not Natalie so much), hubby I hope loves the Flea Market. We pretend we are treasure hunting-  because of course – that is what we are doing.

Have a great weekend and I hope you have a stitchy one!!!


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