Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Redwork Quilt

Redwork Quilt 001  I finished up another block for my redwork quilt. I thought I was doing so well until I counted my blocks and I only have 3 done. What was I thinking?

I got off work this morning and headed straight to the dentist. I had a cavity that needed to be filled. Don’t you know I had another cavity!!!!!!!!! What in the world.  Growing up I never has cavities and now every time I walk into the dentist office I have another one. I had the two filled and she had to take another xray of the tooth that is bothering me, the one that is cracked from grinding my teeth. Doesn’t look good. I have to have a root canal and maybe – If I am lucky – she says just a crown but she thinks she may have to pull it because of the crack. I vote for just pulling it, it would save me a bunch of money. With the insurance covering half it would still be over a grand to have the root canal and crown. PULL IT OUT!!!!!! I will not be doing it any time soon. So I will just have to continue living with the pain. I am up for it.

Good news is everybody is well – no sickies in this house (today).

More good news – my friend Janet is coming over today and we are going to work on the Buggy Barn Friendship quilt we had started last year. Seems like forever since we have worked on it.

I am very excited – I would smile but my face is still numb. I tried to take a picture of myself to show you my numb face and I got to playing with the Picknik site and I have a before and after picture of me:

4362816398_d1506d789f[2] 4362153851_9491a64af8[1]

Isn’t that hilarious – the picture on the right shows what I looked like about 12 years ago or so with a little blush etc. I have found my new love. I will be playing with this site forever. Pretty cool! Love it! I look marvelous!!!! HA HA

Okay the dogs are crying- that usually means one of them was a bad doggie!! Gotta go!!

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