Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Weather

Are you feeling it?snowman  I bet a lot of you are. We are – this is Central North Carolina – we are not supposed to still be cold.  Now they are calling for snow sprinkles later this afternoon. I am done. We have had more snow this year than any year we have lived in NC.  I remember going back up to DC to visit friends in March one year and they were shocked because I already had a tan, I don’t lay out it was from gardening and playing with the kids outside. That wont be happening this year. It is has been pleasant enough, don’t get me wrong, but it has been a colder year.

The kids are driving us crazy – we had ordered them a trampoline a long time ago, it was a Christmas present from their Grandparents and then we covered the rest because they wanted the bigger one. It was supposed to be delivered this week and still no word. We ordered it from one company and some other company does the delivering. When I call to check on the estimated delivery time it just keeps telling me it is reroute to their distribution center, and of course it is one of those places where you cannot speak to a human. So everyday, every morning, we they get picked up from school, when they get dropped off at school, probably even during the school day, they are asking “Is the trampoline here yet.” And I have to give them the same answer and see the same sad faces. I sure wish this delivery company would get it together. I am ready to do some jumping too!

(By the way the picture is from an email I received from a friend of mine – I couldn’t resist using it since I know some of you are really getting pounded this year.)

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