Saturday, March 6, 2010


The girls and I made it to the movies today to see Alice in Wonderland. The movie was terrific! I was very impressed and it was not scary. The girls loved it also. It was strange for me going to the movies, I do not typically go. My husband loves going to the movies and is usually the one who takes the kids. I am not a big movie or television watcher and I do not care for sitting in a loud room for two hours.  I will admit the theater has changed since I last went. The seats were awesome, very comfy and you no longer have to worry about seeing over the person in front of you because of how high the seats are. We got there really early and took a little while choosing the perfect seats. After we found them other people began to come in and wouldn’t you know it, a whole entire theater of empty seats and the family of six sits directly in front of us and it smelled like they each had bathed in a some cheap perfume before they came in, so we had to move. Other than that it was great.

On Friday my friend Janet and I finished up Alice’s pajama shirt. Alice was very excited about it and it fit just like she wanted. 003

I have been working on some stuffed rabbits and I am stumped. I have not moved on with them because I think they look cute how they are but I had intended on “primming” them up. So I will wait on it a little longer and see what happens.  I was testing out  a pattern from a Tilda book I have, a Bunny Hill pattern and then two that I made up. I could not decide which rabbit I wanted to make. My favorite one is the one on the right, which is a small version from the Tilda book. It is a very cute bunny. I think I will make more of that one and its larger size. Of course they will have dresses and clothes and eyes and such. Hopefully I will finish them up  next week.

001 002

Have a great rest of the weekend – back to work for me tomorrow!!


simplyiowa said...

Hey Kiddo!
I am so glad enjoyed the movie... I thought it would be great for girls... They could see how Alice found her inner strength! Lots of lessons, for all of us!
Take care!
Barb C.[aka, The Mad Hatter!}

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yes I agree Ms Mad Hatter - good for all young adults!!!