Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

On Tuesday morning my husband did not wake the kids up for school, instead he waited until I got home from work and we told them what we had planned for them. They were very excited. Actually, so excited I think they were all numb. We did not get the jumping up and down reaction we thought we would. We got the stare into space look or disbelief. It was as if they were waiting for us to say – just kidding!

It was only a 3 hour drive but it ended up taking us about 5 because we stopped off and had lunch and then went the wrong direction on the last 10 minutes of the trip which cost us about 30 minutes, because we didn’t figure it out until long after. The directions were wrong on the map we used, instead of south we were supposed to be going north on the highway near the lodge. We eventually made it.014

We had paid a little extra for the birthday package for Gordon. He got lots of cool stuff, a t-shirt, blanket, stuffed wolf, game tokens and this great hat, which Pigges got to enjoy most of the trip.009011

They had an arcade:

023 025

And food. Gordon enjoyed the buffet, Alice enjoyed a six dollar bowl of Fruit Loops (egad!!!)

027 028

We made it in time to go swimming for a couple hours the first night.045


They had a bunch of different slides, a wave pool, a regular pool, a playhouse type thing with water coming out of it everywhere. They had a blast.

Just a couple hours of swimming and then the arcade and they were pooped. Mommy and Daddy were also very pooped. Alice assumed the perfect vacation position when we came back to the room.031

Natalie had her very own cove where she made herself at home:034

The second day started off with a big breakfast:037 And coffee for the adults – don’t you just love the expression on my husbands face – that is how we felt. We realized how out of shape we were trying to keep up. For all the slides you had to walk up endless stairs, we were exhausted.038

There was water coming out of everything, water, water, water.


Natalie looked so grown. I almost had to break out the “ka-ra-tay” on some older boy who said to her “He-ey” you know like the  “Whatcha Doin,” kind of thing.


This is a big bucket on top of the fort bell tower. Every now and then it fills up with hundreds of gallons of water and then dumps it out below.115This is what happens below the bucket when it releases the water:073

By the end of the second day of swimming the kids were very exhausted:085

We had dinner and cake:089

Gordon received his quilt. He was so excited and loved it. His first response was “These are my pictures!” I was so happy he like it, he actually hung it on his wall our first night home, which is big, he is very particular about what is allowed in his room.036The last trip down the Howlin’ Tornado:106

That slide was soooo scary the first time down. I think because it was dark outside the first time we rode it and the tubes go outside. It was dark and then it opened up into this huge funnel thing thats was bright red and yellow and you slid up and down the sides of it then you went down the tube at the bottom. I screamed like a baby the first time. I felt like I was on a ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it was strange. After riding it once it was not as scary – just fast and fun.

This was the last day. They swam until they were tired out and then we headed home.068Natalie had to try just another snack before we left.110

We had a great time. I think we are all sore from the twists and turns on the slides and walking up the stairs but it was worth it.


Sharon Stewart said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like everyone had such a good time. Looks like a place my girls should go with their mommy and daddy. I noticed there were no Jennifer pictures. Just like me, hiding behind the camera!!! Glad the kids enjoyed it.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Yeah I was behind the camera which is fine - I am not swimsuit material right now. It was a blast and we are all still exhausted.