Saturday, March 27, 2010



I finished up a little doll for Alice from Australian Homespun #73, Vol 10-6, tonight. “Pepper” is by Fiona Lech of Dear Fii.030I let Alice pick out all the colors and I think she did a fabulous job. She chose a lavender for the back of the doll and I insisted it did not go, she persisted and won. And it looks great together. Alice renamed her Alex and her baby is Annabel.  029  026

Alice and Gordon have been playing army in my husbands office and the “workout” (haha) room, you couldn’t even walk through the place.

Gordon setting his guys up. 004

Alice setting up her guys.014

Strategically place men is the key to winning the battle!008

Off to battle!!010

The aftermath:018

Some surrendered:016

There were a few survivors I located:025

But not many! :(020

Nice how these cameras pick up the dust on the floor. Alice and Gordon broke out the Swiffers when they were done.022

They had fun – kept them busy while I finished up Alice’s doll. I remember playing like this with my brother. Good times, good times!

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