Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Finishes!!

I completed another “Dee Dee” dolphin that I was going to put on Etsy but my little Alice insisted on having her, since I did do her in her favorite colors.015

I also finished up the next block in the Willowberry Designs free block of the month. Here is Sam and Sally Starfish!Under the Sea 001I am a little upset I cannot print the new blocks from all my block of the months I am following. My printer is out of ink and it is not something I want to spend the money on right now.007I also broke out another Homespun magazine and couldn’t resist doing the pattern by Kate Henderson of Two Little Banshees called Pippa, Polly and Penny. They are platypus and they are so adorable. I believe I am going to put them on Etsy tonight.005Of course Alice has a request in for one but she wants hers to be the same colors as “Perry” the Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel.On Thursday the kids school had a ceremony crowning all the Prince and Princess and Kings and Queens of the classes. Natalie was nominated as the Queen of her class. Of course my lovely camera does not like taking pictures in the gymnasium so none of my pictures turned out. A couple people said they would send me some so I hope to see them soon. After the ceremony was the Spring Fling where they have games and blow up slides and bouncing “thingys” for the kids to play on. The whole night Alice and I tried to win her a cake at the cake walk and bingo games but no go. Natalie decided to do the cake walk with her last ticket and she won a cake. She was so sweet about it, she let Alice pick out the cake and told her she won it for her. She is such a sweety.


  The painting to the right is Alice’s. She painted it in art class and it hung on the wall in the main hallway, she was so proud – and so am I!!!!

We had a busy day today. We all went out shopping and us girls all got haircuts. Natalie looks so grown up, and Alice looks as sweet as can be. And me, I got a really, really short cut. I use to wear my hair short all the time and then after having kids I never made the time to get it done. I usually just trim it myself, ugh. I like it now, at least  I know it is all even.

Hope everyone has a enjoyable Easter Holiday and is able to spend time with the family!!


Veronica said...

Hi Jennifer: I wanted to tell you that pass by my blog finished wrist pincushion Martha sent me that I'd like to see. a cariñoVero

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Beautiful Vero - I love her and thank you for your kindness!!