Monday, April 26, 2010


Pretty little Thumbelina, isn't she adorable.  I sometimes wish I could fly with the birds like that. Thumbelina

This is the 7th block I have completed in the Melly & Me "Once Upon A Time" quilt. Two more to go and I can start piecing. I cannot wait to pick the fabrics out to go around it.  Here is what the finished quilt looks like:

Once Upon a Time...

The last three days have been such a drag, I worked all three nights and now I am ready to do nothing. But as we all know work is only a small part of life, I need to clean house and catch up on home life. I also have the big chore tonight of cleaning up my quilt room. Oh it is such a mess, fabric has been thrown all of the place and my patterns/papers are everywhere.  It is a nightmare in there

Some news about our porch guests, they have been busy growing into pretty little birds.007

We had a very traumatic event happen yesterday with “Guinea” the Littlest Pet Shop guinea pig. He is the one on the left:  001 Gordon and Alice were playing in our woods and throwing them over the old creek bed when suddenly Guinea was lost. They searched for about an hour  in the ditch. Of course being leaf color they could not locate him in the ten inches of leaves that cover the ditch.003

I made them come inside when it was time for me to go to work. They were covered with mosquito bites and had black feet from the leaves and dirt. I promised I would try to find him today. When they got out of school today we searched again and I couldn’t believe we actually found him. He was a bit dirty but otherwise in good condition. Funny thing is we found him near this pretty little thing.004 I guess he was using the mushroom as a cover. Smart little guinea pig.

So, off I go to try to invent something edible for dinner. Wish me luck, I am not the best cook in the world!

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