Monday, May 10, 2010

Let’s Try This Again

Nothing is worse than typing a very long post and having your computer freeze up, and you haven’t saved anything and the program closes on you. yikes!

I hope everyone had a super Mother’s Day. Mine was good, I did what I love to do. Gardening with the kids.

I want to eventually put gardens alongside my entire driveway but for now we started a little temporary one near the mailbox.  It was so much fun. My husband and the kids helped out. Natalie was our designated photographer since she doesn't like the gardening part. Thank you Natalie for taking such awesome pictures!!

Here is the before shot:006 The during shot (I have excluded the photos of myself because I look like a big brown sweaty cow!!)015

The after shot:mailbox garden

As you can see from the next picture, our flowering cherry tree leans a bit. We are suckers for the unwanted.  It is leaning a little more than it typically does because the wind was blowing. The wind is always blowing in the same direction coming down our street so it tends to stay put in that direction. We have many large trees in the backyard  that are taller than our house that also lean that way.  Not much we can do about it except love them for what they are.033

On Friday my husbands father and his wife stopped by on their way back to Maryland from Florida. We all went to watch Natalie perform at a Harnett County wide Honors Chorus program at Campbell University.



Nine kids from each school were chosen to perform. They had a group from the county elementary, middle and high schools. It was fabulous. The kids did a great job.289



Other news is that all of the birds have left the nest. I was trying to load a video Natalie took of the first bird learning to fly but it keeps locking up the computer when I try to post it. It is so cute, I am sad you can’t see it.  One day I will figure all this fancy stuff out.

I have a couple projects I should be finishing up tonight. Hopefully I can put them on tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the day!



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