Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out of Service

I have been out of service this week. I went to the doctor on Monday morning because I have been having an earache off and on for about two weeks. My husband has been telling me to go but I never seem to have the time. And I have always had headaches so I can kind of live with the pain.  Well I went and the news was not good. I wear an ear piece at work to answer the phone and apparently I got some type of bacterial infection from it on my outer ear that went into my inner ear.  I clean it rather well but apparently not well enough. So I am on 2000 mg of antibiotics a day plus antibiotic ear drops. I feel awful. Not only are they making me feel bad but I also have real bad vertigo and a constant static noise now in both ears. Ugggh!!
Yesterday I gave the kids a big fright. When I picked them up from school I was feeling really bad, I am not very hungry while on the medicine so I had not eaten all day. When we came in the house I started feeling really bad and I was saying that to the kids when down I went. I must have been out for about 30 seconds or less, when I came to I had Gordon looking at me laughing on the phone with his dad, telling him something was wrong with mommy, but he was laughing! Alice was walking on my back - she said she thought that would make me feel better. And Natalie was crying. I finally mustered enough strength to have Gordon hold the phone for me and I told my husband I was fine. After about 5-10 minutes I got up and ate something and felt a little better.
Gordon told me next time I pass out I should fall on the couch - I agree - the hardwood floor is just that - hard and I hurt my foot when I fell.  So the kids were properly instructed how to react in an emergency and that laughing, crying, and walking on backs was not part of that.  I will give them props for calling their father. They know now and I know I should eat while taking the medicine whether I want to or not.
So I am feeling a little better now. Still have a real bad headache, on medicine for the vertigo (which is helping a lot), still have the static in my ears, but I am alive and not on the floor. I have not felt like doing anything but crying like a baby this week, hopefully I will be back to crafting soon.
Take care - and don't forget to eat!!!

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Chookyblue...... said...

get well and I hope you don't pass out again..........

Sharon Stewart said...

Jennifer, you poor baby. What did I tell you about turning 40?!! It's all downhill from here!! I can't believe you've been so sick since we only saw you a few days ago. What can I do?

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Chooky and Sharon. It came out of nowhere. I am much better today - not 100% but getting there!