Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally we have rain. It has rained for three days now. I am so happy. This has been the first year our grass has made it through August and then September came and we got no rain and the grass started dying. Oh well, next year it will be a little stronger.

I have been really good about buying fabric lately. The only fabric I have purchased was muslin, which as my husband says, it something I cannot go without. I will not argue with him, even just buying muslin felt like a big treat. I bought a entire bolt (it will get used up in no time) and the newness of it was lovely. I have just been staring at it for days now. I will take what I can at this point.

As you know my other weakness is books. It seems so many new books are coming out lately and I want them all. I had to say no to several for the time being but I had pre-ordered many from Amazon and have had to go back in and cancel some. I was like an addict, couldn’t get my fabric fix so I replaced it with books. Anyway, one of the pre-orders I kept was Vicki Bellino’s “Bloom Creek” ( It has some great projects in it.


I also got a new pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm called “Farmers Field Pumpkins”. I could not resist this pattern. he pumpkins are very realistic. I said I was finished with fall items but I might have to just do several of these. 002

I have been busy working on Christmas items for shows coming up. I am trying to do half Primitive items and then some more bright and whimsical items.

Here are just a few shots of some of the items I have been doing:

014 012 013

I love the Winter/Christmas season and I am having a ball working on my projects.  I have to work my real job a lot this week and next week, luckily I do have some nights in there where when it is slow I can stitch, but I also have to work quite a number of day work hours and I cannot work on anything but “work” then, it doesn’t slow down during the day. I feel very blessed to be able to get more hours but I also wish I had more time at home.

The kids are also having a time with it, at least Alice is, but it is just for these two weeks and then my schedule lets up a little. I always feel so guilty when the kids get upset with me for working so much. I think they understand that people have to work to pay for the things, we have talked about that. But Alice  is still a little young and doesn’t always understand fully, she thinks I can just call them up and say, “I’m sorry I cannot work tonight because Alice wants to snuggle, eat popcorn and watch a movie.” My little snuggle bunny, she is so silly.

I feel fortunate that I have a job where I can work hours when they are asleep or at school, it is nice to have the hours available. I think I have gone onto one of my ramblings again. Not quite sure where I was going with this. Maybe just venting, maybe just looking for some understanding or “I’ve been there, the kids will be fine,” something like that. The “Working Mother” guilt, I always planned to just be a stay at home mother and occasionally work part time, but it has become nice to be able to pay some bills off and get out of debt a little.

Okay, speaking of kids, school is out, I need to go get some loving!

I hope you all have a great evening, I love rainy evenings so I know I will. Rain+ nice comfy chair +stitching in hand + kids screaming in the background and being needy = Pure bliss!



Susie said...

sending hugs........> it will get better. I'm still trying to figure out how i can give up the day job!!But I still get lots of hugs from my Alice too. XX

Donnie said...

The time passes so quickly and your children will be fine. Though you'll always feel like you should have done more just because you're a mom.

I also seem to put too many things on my Amazon list.

Jovita said...

Those pumpkins are amazing .. I really don't over decorate .. but those I just might have to make!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you Susie that means a lot.

Donnie - that is what scares me is the time does pass so quickly. Thanks for the kind words. Don't you just hate that evil Amazon :).

Jovita - I love those pumpkins cannot wait to try them out.

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Good luck with cutting back! hehe I'm a fabric-aholic. I also love patterns. eeek! I'm never going to be able to make them all!
Thanks for the blog comment! I love your site and will follow you; your stitcheries are great!

Veronica said...

Hello, Thank you friend, this doll is existing the love, thank you very much for thinking of me, a hug Vero

My 1st Bambina! said...

You being busy !

I too have a problem with books... mainly craft books !
I've being good for few weeks now but I'm afraid it won't last too long. I put myself on an emergency fabric diet... I need to make something with some of the fabric I have before I can buy/replace with more.

I love being with my dd. She was in pre-k for a couple of months (during summer) and It was harder on me than on her. *sigh*

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

When she gets into 1st grade it will be a little easier for you. I know that seems like forever doesnt it.
I have been really good not buying fabric, I will not go to a quilt store because I know I will. From working iin one for so long, I have enough for a lifetime of sewing.

Love Bears All Things said...

Blessings, it is tough when one has to work but wants to stay home...I need to find a little something to do so Honey Bear can retire but haven't found my niche yet..wonder how working in a Hallmark store would be...I've always thought a gift store or bookstore would be fun to own, a combination of the two but we've been there and done that with our print shop...not again...
Mama Bear