Saturday, October 30, 2010

Antiquing in Selma, NC


What a fun day we had today! I am very pooped. The sun was in the kids eyes so the picture did not turn out so well.

I went specifically to find these:


That is all I found, but I was not disappointed in the day, there were too many other treasures to brighten the day.

Here are some I saw but did not get. I would have liked almost everything in this picture!!


This was way too cute and hand stitched. I wanted it so bad but could not justify it. Well really I could not justify much, if anything, I got today.

003Here is a close-up.

004Gordon loves to go to antique stores and garage/yard sales. The girls on the other hand would rather not be invited on the trip. So, Gordon was able to find a lot of things he wanted.


One thing he always picks out is old typewriters and adding machines, he loves them.


The picture above I cut his face off but you can see he is happily clapping because he found one he liked. Like this one, they are usually too expensive for us to buy. We saw a lot of the ones below also but they are toy machines and you cannot punch the numbers.     008

Here is what Gordon came home with. I think he did pretty good. He was disappointed because he found a very old Red Cross Military bag but they wanted seventy-nine dollars for it.


He got a couple tools, an oil can, a military style bag, a toiletry kit ???, and a gas mask (because you never know when you may need one he says).


Like I said there was lots of cute stuff, lots of old quilts, but everything was very high priced. Which was amazing because many of the stores that were there are gone and some were closing or having sales.010

Natalie was able to find a few items. She collects glass “things" and is quite particular about the ones she chooses but she found some she liked.


Alice only found some beads at a bead store that is downtown. She was saving her money for a “real” store.

Here is what I got:


I also got a bunch of stuff from a store that was for sale for my dolls.


I also got this awesome sewing basket. It was the most expensive thing I got but it is handmade and so super cute.


Made by this great basketeer (is that a word?).


I purchase it at this store:

Whistle Stop Quilt Shop

I know I said I would not buy any fabric but we were across the street at the bead store for Alice and I could not resist. I also picked out the “Punctuation” charm pack and two sale fat quarters, not bad I thought. Then Natalie picked out “Remembrance” for my Christmas present but I was paying so I thought I would show it now.


I forgot to show off a present a friend of mine from work got me. She went to a yard sale one day after I told her I was going to do my kitchen  in red/white/black and she found this great basket.


She also got be a bunch of stuffing which I used to stuff all those reindeer ornaments last night. I just need to put their collars and hanging wire on and then I am working on the elf dolls again. (yours to Kim :) !!).

I am off to pop some Benadryl (not fun to have allergies when you are trying to look around antique stores). And work on some elves! Have a great evening and get some stitching time in!!



Donnie said...

Wow, I don't know how you controlled yourself. Everything looks wonderful. Glad you had a great time with family.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Looks like you had a great day and found some wonderful items, I especially love your handmade sewing basket! Have fun "elfing" (is THAT a word??!!) and hope the Benadryl has kicked in! Deb

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Donnie there was so much stuff I wanted and a lot I said to myself I would come back for but never made it back, which is good, our car is not big enough! :)

Hey Deb, the benadryl is helping a little and the "netti pot". I love the basket it is great - one cannot have enough baskets. Have a great Sunday.