Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Versatile Blogger


I received the Versatile Blogger award from Cyndy of the Crafty Stitchers. How nice is that! Thank you Cyndy!

I now get to choose 15 other bloggers to give the award to.  The rules are simple, you need to thank the person who gave you the award and provide a link back to their blog. You have to tell 7 things about yourself, that no one else probably knows. Then, pass the award on to 15 other bloggers and let them know.

I would like to pass the award onto the following gals – in no particular order:

Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies (I believe she may have received it a couple times already but she deserves another!)

Lori of Notforgotten Farm

Cyndy of the Crafty Stitchers (she has also already received one but also deserving of another)

Laura of Cave Creek Studio

Mary Jo at Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Robin at Bird in the Hand Primitives

Lori of Homespun Prims

Mama Bear at Bears in Exile

Vero at My Quilt Your Quilt

Susie at Susie Dolls

Carolyn at Lee Prairie Designs

Lucy at Lucy’s Lazy Days Primitives

Melissa at M’s Prim ‘N’ Country (she has also already received one and deserving of another!)

Kim at Old Road Primitives

Leanne at Stitch Selection and Postcards from Percy & Petunia

Now it is my turn to list 7 things about me.

1. I was in the military for 6 years (4 active, 2 reserves).

2. I have a brother who is two years older than I and lives in Austin.

3. I was a smoker and quit 5 months ago. Yay me!

4. I was a “punk rocker” in middle/high school – swore I would never “sell out”. Hee-hee love that.

5. I cannot cook, my husband does all the cooking.

6. My husband and I met when I was a police dispatcher and he was a police officer for the same department.

7. Here is one I am not so proud of but I couldn’t think of anything else. I have gained 45 pounds in the past six years.

So that is my story.

I finished up a little more last night. I still have not caught up to where I wanted to be but this is what I have so far.

Two more Santa Ornies (Olde Country Cupboard pattern).009One chubby Santa (my design).001 His little chubby friend is not quite finished. As you can see there are elf boots and elf bodies in the background.006Primitive candy canes and bright candy canes – trying to appeal to everyone.008Back to work for me.  I cleaned my studio last night and vacuumed this morning. It is a clean slate ready for me to get busy!!

Have an awesome day!  Jennifer


Anonymous said...

Wow Jennifer, you could open an entire store with all the stuff you have for the Porch Sale :). I will be lucky if I get one box of stuff finished for.

I went to KnB Browse and Brew today - what a great store! I got a nice white enamel pot for dyeing wool. We also hit up some of the other thrift stores in the area. I never knew Fuquay had some many cool places!

Donnie said...

Loved the 7 things about you. My husband is retired Coast Guard and wanted to ask what branch you were in.

You definitely deserved that blog award. Love reading your blog though I don't know when you have time to create all your lovelies.