Saturday, November 20, 2010

My goodness!!!

It has been a little while since I have blogged. So much catching up to do.

I will start with my living room. You remember I said I was giving it a good cleaning. Well I did and then rearranged everything. I have some things how I like it but  most of the walls are not to my liking. I like knick knacks so many of you may see it as cluttered. But I have even taken some things away. I cannot describe my style I like a little bit of everything. So here it is:


Natalie had her 12th birthday and I picked her up early from school We went and had lunch, then went to Dunkin Doughnuts (I love their iced Gingerbread Coffee). While we were there I locked my keys in my car. I called my husband and he would have to go all the way home, try to find the spare key and then come out to where I was.  I then called my friend who is a police officer but works for the town next to where I was. He and the best dispatcher in the world called the town police where I was and they came out and unlocked my doors. What a noodle I am.

So then on Natalie’s special day I spilled coffee on her pants. We went and I got gas and when I was taking some trash out of the car I left a opened water on the center console and forget to throw it away, so when I turned out of the gas station it fell and spilled all over Natalie. Do you see where I am going with this?

I felt so bad for her. We went home and when the other two little ones got home we dropped them off at my husbands work and went to the mall.  She had a couple gift cards that were burning a hole in her pocket. It is amazing how little they find they want when they have to pay for it. We had a great time together.

Last night she had a sleepover with three friends. I cut one out of the picture, I forgot to ask her mom if I could post her in the picture. They had fun.


Tonight I finally finished up an order for six reindeer. I embroidered names on these. She wanted certain colors and I think they turned out lovely, very natural looking. You might have to click on the picture of them in the tree to see them larger.


Gordon also had fun working on stuff today. He finished up some projects I had in the “Unfinished Bucket” and also had fun with some walnut spray I had made up on the bright stuff.


Here he is proud of his work!


Well, off to finish one more order and then to bed! Have a great Sunday and don’t forget to find some stitching time!!



Donnie said...

You are one busy girl. Looks like you had some great little helpers. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. The house looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

The house looks great! I guess you found your camera :).

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Donnie I do have the best little helpers. You also have a great Thanksgiving!

Heather, thanks a bunch and YES I found the camera, I am so happy. I was going to put that in the post but forgot. It fell between a stack of books and a box I was giving away. Yikes!

Samantha said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and congratulating me on my engagement.


Susie said...

Wow! you have been one busy girl!! your house looks wonderful, the kids look so happy and those reindeer are perfect. Thanks for looking in on me too, glad to say i'm feeling much better...just wish i had some of your energy, oh and a very happy thanksgiving from this side of the pond.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Susie thank you - I am happy you are feeling better!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Sounds as though your backwards day is going forward now--- Yea!

"Gordon" you should be proud of the work you did to help out your Mom, maybe she will cut you a big piece of pecan or apple pie--- Yummmmmm!

Happy Birthday to "Natalie"---- daughters are wonderful and neat that you have a beautiful relationship with your children.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Hugs, Carolyn

sewstresst said...

The house looks do have a knack for decorating. Amazing about all the shop news around here, huh?
Glad Natalie had a good BD Did she fine some clothes?
Nice job on the ornies to Gordon. What's little Alice up to?
Happy Thanksgiving!