Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day is over.


I can tell you one thing we will be eating well for the next week. I cannot remember if I mentioned it but my husband bought a 22 pound turkey, yes that is right I said 22 pounds. It was only 16 dollars, found an awesome sale and jumped on it.  My husband is an awesome cook. He is getting more creative every year when it comes to cooking. I guess he  has to or we would eat nothing but cereal, oatmeal, pasta, easy stuff, for that is about all I can cook. So here he is with his fabulous turkey, and before you ask- yes it was moist and delicious.


He even let the kids help – I cannot believe Natalie put her hand in there. As you can see no one could. I love how everyone was awaiting her reaction.


And Gordon, he is following in his dads footsteps. He will also be a fine chef.


I didn’t realize I didn’t get a shot of little Alice cooking but I do have her with her Mrs. Claus apron on. We decorated the house for Christmas yesterday also.


We had an awesome day and I hope you guys did also.  I went into work at 2 am this morning so one of my co-workers could do the Black Friday madness this morning.  When I got home I finished up some Elf dolls.  I believe I have created my most favorite on yet. Here he is. The fabric is an old fabric I had that has the words and music to Silent Night. He is so cute and blue – I love blue!!


Here are his other two partners in crime.


We had a nice rain this morning. I should have taken advantage of it and taken a little nap but I need to take care of some things today so no time for sleeping.

Have a great day and don’t forget to find a little stitching time today!!



Donnie said...

Glad you all had a Happy day and it is so cute your children all helped.

Sammy said...

I am glad that you had a good Thanksgiving.


-Samya :-)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful fun day! Your pictures are priceless!

Hugs, Carolyn

The Frenzied Fox said...

glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! :) those are cute little projects ya got there--I also wanted to make sure I THANKED YOU for the awesome half of the ornie swap I got from you! The little mouse in the stocking is so cute and I can't wait to put him on my tree! Love it so THANKS! :D

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Thank you - I am glad you liked it.