Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prim Pals Swap

Okay I feel like such a moron – I participated in this swap with Prim Pals and thought we all had different partners, meaning, who I sent items to would send items to someone else. So like a dodo I posted what I sent on my blog before I knew if my partner received it. I am so sorry and I hope I did not ruin the surprise Casey. I will be more patient next time.

I did receive my package from Casey today and I know my package got to Casey yesterday. So I wanted to thank Casey and show off all my goodies. I was so spoiled. And the package smells so good, I was actually hoping there were some Christmas cookies in the bag because it smelled so good but no luck.

Everything was wrapped so pretty!


Look at it all!!


This little box is too cute – it is hand painted – I wish I could paint!!025026

I also received one of my Christmas presents – I have to put it under the tree. Which is okay because I cannot start it anyway. Maybe next Christmas I will start it. I wanted fabric from French General’s La Petite Ecole collection but I am not buying fabric – so I found a loop hole. Starting in January I will be receiving the 10 month block of the month for…..

The Night Before Christmas!!!!


I received the backing fabric, which I am so happy about. It is called Lumiere de Noel. Look at its loveliness. Well, its blurry loveliness, I couldn’t get or find a good picture. It is not a homespun, it is one of those silky plaid, very nice.


Anyway, I cannot wait, I know I always say this, even with the hundreds of projects I already have going, but, I cannot wait to get started on those little mice!!!

Gotta run, working extra this weekend!! Don’t forget to find some stitching time!!!


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Donnie said...

Love what you received and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next.