Monday, January 3, 2011

What Father New Year Brought to Me!

It is not what I was hoping for. My gift for the new year – the FLU!!  I cannot remember the last time I had the flu. I get a flu shot every year, well except this year. I went to the doctor today and tested positive for the old booger.  I didn’t need a test to figure it out.

Symptoms you have when you know you have the flu:

1. Your skeleton feels like it is made of ice. Yet your outer layer is hot to the touch.

2. This is related to #1. Kids want to know how you can still feel so cold when you are laying in the bed wearing sweatpants, sweatshirt, t-shirt, socks, 4 blankets, 2 quilts and laying on the heating pad.

3.Every part of your body hurts, including but not limited to you ear lobes, fingers, legs, back, eyelids, cheeks – all four, etc.

4. The snot (excuse me being so yucky) coming out of your nose is so hot you could boil pasta with it. I would not recommend that.

5. The muscle spasms in your legs make it look like you are trying to create the next big dance move of 2011. Thank goodness they are all finished up for now.

I could go on but bottom line, next year I will not put off getting my flu shot, I will get it as soon as I can. And by the way, just because you do not make eye contact with people at the pharmacy does not mean they cannot see your overly red (Rudolph like – yes thank you Ms. Pharmacist) sore nose.

I started some little pillows I meant to get up this past weekend on my selling blog. I was only able to stitch the one and I am back in the bed after I finish this post so it wont be getting done tonight. I thought I would give you a little peek. The stitchery design is by Twigs and Sprigs. I added the wool, I thought it  added a nice touch.


Well, off to bed for me,  I have taken my Tamiflu and Nyquil so hopefully at least my nose will stop dripping long enough for me to get some rest. Have a great night!



Donnie said...

Poor Baby. Don gets bronchitis so badly we get our flu shots almost as soon as they come out. Hope you feel better soon.

Lynn said...

Oh no, not the flu :(
Get well soon. Isn't it too early for the flu?

Calico Rabbit said...

Oh Jen,

Such a bummer. So awesome you are able to keep a light heart about it tho,

Feel better soon!

Big Hugs!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Next year I bet you will get the flu shot!

Rest up and let the family wait on you. Hope you feel better soon.

:) Hugs, Carolyn

manos de chicureo said...

I'm sorry about your flu. I also had the flu a few months ago. With Tamiflu feel better. It's a matter of about 5 days to see these with better symptoms. The important thing that you have someone who can help and care.
A hug.... from afar, ji, ji, ji

~Madalynne~ said...

Yuk! Such an icky way to start the New Year!

Hope you're better soon.

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm so sorry you're ill...I guess you don't want to hear that I've never had a flu shot....Usually, if I am going to get ill with the winter blahs it will happen in March when all the trees are blooming...then I have difficulty breathing even if I don't go outside....However, I had the flu in 1968 and I remember exactly how it feel better soon, get lots of rest, let people wait on deserve it...and don't get up and go too soon.
Mama Bear

blog said...

Hope you are feeling better. Reading your post makes me want to go an get my flu shot!

Daffycat said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope with the Tamiflu you are well on your way to recovery. *hugs*

The last time I had the flu, I was five days away from driving my daughter half-way across the country to Florida & Disney World! I missed my parents' 50th wedding anniversay party too! I was able to make the Florida trip (thank God for Tamiflu!) but I was as weak as a kitten!