Friday, March 18, 2011

I did a little more on my Friends for Christmas block. There is not enough fabric to do the bias vine in the kit so I will have to choose something from my stash. I am not in the bias strip mood right now so that will have to wait. I am not putting embellishments on until after I quilt the quilt. Several blocks at the beginning I stitched by hand and put embellishments on already. I thought I would keep them off for now one to make the quilting easier.


I stitched up the sheep pillow and that will go on my selling blog today. It looks sweet sitting in my blue chair.


I will be taking all of my spring items to the Rusty Bucket on Monday or Tuesday. That includes on my selling blog, Etsy and Ebay. If anyone out there is interested in any of them – grab them now because they will be off for the Spring Open House at The Rusty Bucket in Apex, NC.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and finding a little stitching time. It is actually hot outside here today – hot for me is anything over 65 and it is about 83 degrees. Uggh.



Deanna said...

Hi Jennifer,
love the sweet pillow. Right now I'm trying to embroider a pillow case that I bought from Martha Stewart embroidery kits. They come stamped and you just follow...a project perfect for me since I can't sew worth a flip!

Have a great weekend!
Deanna :D

Lynn said...

No no no, hot is good, it feels so nice out today. I could just lay down in the sun somewhere and take a nap, but my neighbors may call the police, so I'll try to control my self.

Karen said...

I like the quilt block you are working on. Good stitching. I am working on an applique block this afternoon while watching my soaps.