Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Reasons to Stay in Bed (or is it 5 learning lessons?)

1. Because you get a speeding ticket trying to get some place you thought you were running late to but even after sitting waiting for a young man who looks all of 15 give you a big fat ticket (which you deserved) you still are not the last one there. In other words, no reason for the lead foot, other than to pay a huge fine in court and have your insurance rates skyrocket.

2. Because you stack 4 layers of osnaburg and try to cut it with a dull rotary cutter, sideways, at once. It does a pretty little number on your finger.

3. Because you take your car for an oil change and state inspection and are told you need $700 worth of maintenance done on it.

4. Because you sold an item on Ebay and mailed it and it never made it to it’s destination, thank you USPS (sorry honey – but your company failed me).

5. Because you pour your sticky soda into a cup only to then knock the entire cup onto you current favorite book, and of course on the half of the book with the pattern pages.


I could think of a few others by why let me have all the fun. Does anyone else have a good reason to stay in bed?

I know I sound like a complainer, but I am only finding the humorous side of my stream of misfortune lately. I am actually smiling as I type. And I have gained much knowledge from my misfortunes this week.

1. You don’t always need to be in a hurry. Everything will be okay if you are not the first one there. And maybe listen to your 12 year old daughter after she hears of your ticket, “You should have worn makeup mom and asked him out, he wouldn’t have given you a ticket if you asked him out.” Where do they learn these things?

2. Never under any circumstances cut with your rotary cutter across your body, always away from your body, with a sharp blade and your hand securely holding your rotary cutter.

3. Got nothing on the car thing.

4. Yeah, got nothing on the postal problem either, at least that I can say without upsetting my husband.

5. Never use your favorite book as a resting place for a unsecure soda pop, bad news.

So as you can see I have had a very exciting week. I am hoping the next couple of days will be a little less exciting!

I hope you are able to find some stitching time, I hope I will, maybe a little gardening time too!



Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Jennifer.
Sorry to delight in your misfortunes but the way you described them made me giggle. I love that you can find humor in them as well.
Unfortunately we all have these kinds of days...nice to hear of someone else. We're not alone.
Keep writing...I love it.


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

love your funny post....hate your bad luck dollykins! Hope your weekend is better.

Primitive Echoes said...

HAHAHAHa I am not laughing at you but I seem to have had these days lately too. Read the posts on my blog "what I learned today" lol same kind of goofy stuff. Too funny. Not your pain or circumstances just the fact that I am not the only one.

Farmhouse prims said...

Words of wisdom I would say,hope things are going better. Hugs, Lecia

ragamuffinprimitives said...

I feel bad for getting a smile from your streak of misfortunes and I'm sorry about that, but they did make me smile. Things like that do make life interesting, don't they? I do have one question on the rotary cutter episode. You tried to cut across your body???? Seriously??? Jennifer!!!