Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will Summer Ever End?

I am climbing the walls, well, I am not climbing the walls, the kids are climbing the walls. Natalie is with me, she is ready for them to go back to school.  I think they are beginning to forget how to behave.  Ahhh, I feel better now. I guess I just needed to vent!

I finished up the baby quilt and delivered it to my customer. I did not do fancy quilting on it because I did not like how it looked on the back with that sateen fabric, I think that is what it is called. Here are a couple shots of the front and back.


I will be getting the quilt back to add some additions. They want the binding to be made from one of the dresses and a couple other things done, so I will be working on it soon.

The last couple years my husband has been wanting me to make a Candy Corn doll. Last year I made one big one, which I sold at the Rusty Bucket.


This year I made two little ones. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Kandy Korn! Aren’t they the cutest. Well they are much cuter in person. I still have some tweaking to do but I am liking them so far.


Here is my sewing room floor today, after I cleaned up a little.


Last night I could not sleep so I stayed in there all night and today. I did not get much accomplished besides making a big mess.


I did get a healthy box sewn up of items to be stuffed. I have about 50 different bodies in there.


I will admit I have been keeping something from you guys because I was embarrassed. Remember I said the last time I had a real bad allergy attack I was making an appointment for the Allergist. Yeah, I never did. So Saturday I got it bad, was dosing up on the medicine all weekend. Now I have a migraine and am sick to my stomach from all the medicine. But the good news is. I did make my appointment. On the 16th I will be tested and maybe just maybe I can get some kind of handle on this thing. Bad news is I cannot take any type of allergy medication for five days before the test. I gasped when the lady at the office told me that, she asked if I was okay and I told her she could not be serious and she confirmed she was. I am going to be a mess by the 16th. Egad!!

Okay, back to life, I guess I will let the little ones out of their rooms now! Mean mommy!

I hope you all find a little stitching time today!!

~ Jennifer ~


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

when you say allergy attack...are you saying gasping for air or what?? GLld you made your appt.
you sure have a ton of bodies! you put me to shame...! cute corn people...love the big one from last year too! Let me know how your appt goes!

Primitive Echoes said...

Well I hope you make it without your meds until the 16th. Allergies can be terrible. The headaches are unbearable sometimes.
Love the corn dolls.

Lynn said...

Is this getting ready for the craft sale in October? I love the candy corn dolls, so cute. Mine are looking forward to school too, I think they have cabin fever. We have a trip to the beach I think we'll get there a few days before this new storm. Cross your fingers for me.

jennifer768 said...

So glad that you made your appointment.Sometimes it is hard to give in and have a test jedone that we need.That is a lot of bodies to stuff.Love the candy corn dolls.Hugs,Jen

Mary Ann said...

I used to have terrible allergies that started when I was in my late 30's. The last couple of years I have gotten better. Maybe it's old age and I've grown out of them :) Your sewing room looks like mine at the moment but I'm not posting any pictures...LOL

Christine said...

Sending much sympathy and so hope you can get to the bottom of your allergies.
Your candy corn dolls are really adorable! Hope you get lots more stuffed and sold!
Chin up and soldier on!
Best wishes

Trace4J said...

Hope you feel better soon friend!
Love your candy corn friends and quilt. What a loved sewing room. :)
Hugs Trace


moosecraft said...

I would gasp without allergy meds for 5 days too! But I totally understand the science behind it... do they expect you to smile and be in a good mood during the test?!?!? lo! Mr & Mrs Kandy Korn are really cute! Clever idea! Neatness is a sign of nothingness... that's my mantra and I live by it!

Susie said...

Thinking of you, hope you get through to the 16th. It's hayfever season over here for us.
Love those little candy corn dolls.

Danice said...

Feel better soon. I love the candy corn dolls- very cute :)

My 1st Bambina! said...

The baby quilt is beautiful!!! Interesting how they wanted to use all types of fabrics.
I've been saving some of dd's clothes from the time she was a baby up until now, but only cotton ones... someday in the future I will love to do a lap quilt with those.