Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Days in a Row!!

Can you believe it? Third day in a row of blogging. Just like old times!!!   We ended up not getting any of those storms they said we were going to get. We did get some rain.  The news interrupted one of the few television shows I watch to say there was good conditions for a tornado  in an area way out of our viewing area. The last 3 minutes of the new Criminal Minds, right at the climax of the show, they broke in. I screamed really loud “Nooooo” and the kids yelled at me. I was quite peeved.
The kids and I made cookies yesterday. I love peanut butter cookies but they like them with the chocolate kisses in them, so that is what we made. We pretty much ate as we baked so there are not many cookies left.

I also finished up some little snowman who, when grouped together spell winter. I actually used a spray glitter I purchase at Wal-Mart on them and it looks so good! I tried to take several pictures to show you but with my cheap camera it doesn’t really show up. I have never used the spray glitter because I heard it did not work well. I love it and can’t believe I have been missing out on this stuff. The silver looks like little sparkles of snow on them, much like glass glitter would, without the heavy price tag. When I sprayed them I was pretty far away, I think it would be too much to spray up close.

I dropped a couple things off at the Rusty Bucket today and Mack and Pam had a big surprise for me. I got my very own apron with my name embroidered on it!!  I will be helping out on Saturdays when I can, and don’t have to work my other job.  A gal can never have too many jobs you know!!  Don’t I look smashing – or squishy!!! I probably shouldn’t have been sticking my hands in my back pockets, it looks like my pants are falling off.
Well, off to clean house. Natalie’s 13th birthday is tomorrow and she is having a sleepover and her grandparents are coming down for the weekend. I hope you have a great evening and are able to find a little stitching time!
~ Jennifer ~


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Blogging every day is tough for anyone; I think I'm averaging about four or five days a week. It really takes up a lot of your time, doesn't it?

By the way, the new apron is very chic!


Debbie said...

I am being a horrible blogger.... the only time I have been there lately is when I am reviewing a book. You look great in your apron! Oh... and the cookies look yummy!

Debbie K