Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a crazy morning!!

Man, am I glad to finally be home. I had the strangest morning. If you are at all sensitive to dead animal pictures do not read this.

I got off work and then met up with a new Prim friend who lives near by. I had purchased some Sweet Annie from her, which is lovely, thank you Susie!! She is an awesome gal and I am so happy we met.

Here is my Sweet Annie – doesn’t it look so pretty in the bowl?


Now for the freaky part. We were driving down the road and I see about 10-15 chicken hawks or vultures, whatever they are in this really tall dead tree. (See picture below – taken after all but two birds left)  Just imagine it with ten or so more on it. I passed it and said when I came back through I would take a picture of it. Just because.


Well on my way back I pulled off the main road onto a side street to get the picture, I was so disappointed when I saw all of them were gone, because it would have been a cool picture, to me. Then I notice they are flocking around this yard on the little side street.


Some of them flew away when I drove up. Here they are, it is like a bad nightmare, at least it would be for me. These were some big ugly birds. I think these three could have lifted me and my car away.


I  notice there are two puppies there also, cute puppies. But the birds and the puppies are sort of pecking at each other, looked like they may have been fighting over something. And they were, it was a dead dog. Yeah it smelled lovely, not real bad because they had eaten the majority of it. But it was right at this mailbox.


At this point I am freaking out. I love, love, love animals. Starting to dislike birds a bit, after my dog was taken by one you understand. I couldn’t believe if someone lived in any of those houses they would let this dead dog lay there and allow these other animals to open up some sort of carcass buffet.

IMG_1325 (2)

So being me I got out my cell phone and call 911 because I don’t know the non-emergency number (which reminds me I need to program that into my phone). I tell the guy who answered I am so sorry to bother him but I need the non-emergency number or animal control number and he politely gives me the animal control number. I again apologize for my clogging up the emergency line and then call animal control.

The lady who answered was nice enough and took my information and the information about the dogs. Telling me that’s what animals do is eat dead animals, yeah, yeah, yeah. It is gross, their were little kids toys in the yard across the street. Come on people.

Enough I say, I am going home, curling under the covers and getting some sleep.

So then I am almost home and I see the entire Sheriff’s Department surrounding the Courthouse. They had emptied out the Courthouse and everyone was standing on the lawn, parking lot and opposite side of the road. I am guessing they had a bomb threat or something, I don’t know. The news in this area never reports on anything in our county. If you want to know anything you have to find out yourself.  I was going to be a nosey ninny and ask one of the deputies directing traffic like everyone else but I decided not to. (You can’t really see what is going on but the picture turned out sort of nice looking so I put it in.)


Which leads me to this. I worked for 911/Police Dispatch for 7 years before I had kids in a busy city and then 2 1/2 years at another smaller department.  When something big was going on, meaning requiring the whole department to be there you were pretty darn busy. So I am sure this guy who answered 911 when I called about the dog was probably calling me all kinds of names. I will be the talk of the dispatch room, “Can you believe that stupid woman called about puppies eating a dog and we had this and that going on.” Oh memories. I make them for everyone.

So now my mind is racing. Will the puppies be okay? Did some fugitive steal a deputies gun and is he running through the woods armed and dangerous? Is the helicopter I hear for the happenings at the courthouse? Will the birds eat the puppies? Are they laughing at me in the dispatch room? Are the people who live on that street doing to come hunt me down because I tried to take away their Carcass Buffet? So many questions. I will not be able to go to sleep for sure! But I will try.

Until next time, I hope you find some stitching time and have a great day!!

~ Jennifer ~


Susie@YLP said...

Oh my... that's too much. And here I was thinking they were cute little crows or ravens.. boy was I wrong.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Oh my, you sure did have a horrible morning. I understand being a animal lover myself, you did the right thing and called 911 about the poor dead dog and having children across the street to see such a thing.
I am sure the thing that happend at the court house was already called in before you even called because he was nice to you. So, don't sweat it.

Try and relax and froget what you swa those birds looked so huge, I would have been scared too!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

LOL Jennifer! That sounds like something I would do :)

moosecraft said...

What a crazy story about the dogs and vultures... I have to ask... does anyone live in that house? Maybe someone in the house is dead/in need of help? Why else would puppies eat what was probably their parent? I'm surprised 911 did not send someone to investigate the house...