Monday, May 7, 2012

Something a little different

I decided to change gears and work on something a little different. I am starting with some stitcheries for little boys and little girls. I finished one of the little boy ones and I love it. I haven’t decided exactly what I am going to make with it but it is not going to be a pillow I can tell you that much.

IMG_2941 (2)

This design is from an Australian Homespun magazine. I had thought I was going to use a certain fabric with it but now I am not so sure because both fabrics look great with both stitcheries.

Here is the stitchery laying on top of each fabric. What do you think? I think I like the lighter one with this one.


Next up is this cute little stitchery that I have not quite finished. I am not happy with the color of the critter. I have changed it two times already, pulled out all the stitches and everything and I am still not happy. What do you think of his fur?


And same question with him. Which fabric do you like? I like the darker one with this little guy I think.


I actually wish I had enough of the darker one to use on both but I only have half a yard.  If I used it on both, it would have to be just a border around it or something. Then again they will both most likely have more fabrics around them so I may be stressing for nothing. Here is a close up of both focal fabrics.

IMG_2934 (2)IMG_2937

I also completed an order , the gal is working on a project and doesn’t embroider so she sent me the words to embroider.


I am very excited to say my booth is doing great. I was really happy with my sales in April. Thank you to everyone who has visited.  If you are local and have not been you are missing out on some wonderful vendors. You should stop by if you get a chance, KnB’s Marketplace. They also have a great little coffee bar and sell K-cups at an awesome price.


I have been working at my job a little extra lately and have not been able to get as much made as I want. They have hired someone to fill the empty slot so maybe in a month or so that will slow down and I can get busy with the fun stuff. Speaking of work, I just got off this morning and better get some sleep before the kids get home.

I hope you have an awesome Monday and are able to find a little stitching time today!!

~ Jennifer ~


Sheila said...

Hi Jennifer!
your new stitchery's are cute and I like the darker one myself. Will have to keep a watch out for new ones. Any ROBOTS in the future? Grandsons love them.
That's good news that your booth is doing well. I pulled out of the little place here in town. Just not enough business to make it worth it for me. Can't give up creating though-it's in my blood and my therapy ;-)
Get some rest~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Jennifer...your newly designed creations are fun!!!
Your business is really booming and well deserved.


ThreeDStyle said...

Congrats on the success of your booth! Wish I could visit sometime. I love your stitcheries for little ones.
-Darlene xxoo

TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Jennifer love your new creations

so glad your booth is doing well