Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where does the time go?

It has been exactly a month since I blogged. I believe my promise then was that I was going to be changing it around a bit and keeping up with it better. As you can see that did not happen, but I do have a good excuse. I had been working a lot and also spending a lot of time trying to work on me.

A lot of this:


I am averaging about 6-10 miles a day of walking a day. I have become quite obsessed with it. My blister ridden feet will attest to that. But I can’t stop, I can’t get enough. Once I get past the initial 30 minutes I have to really force myself to stop. I love it. I need better shoes and socks which I will be in time.

I am also trying to be better about this:


Not doing too great but, I am getting better. I had my blood work done and I was extremely low on Potassium, Vitamin D and surprisingly enough sodium.  I have Meniere’s so I cut back on my sodium because it helps with my Vertigo, but I guess I cut back a little too much. My Potassium was very, very low.  I was having a lot of leg cramps and muscle pain which magically went away after I started taking my supplements. So I have put myself on the right track and I am seeing amazing results. I have so much more energy and just feel really good.

I did not do much sewing. The last thing I did was the dolphin I showed you last time. I cannot believe I have not done anything else but I have not. No stitching or anything, until a couple days ago. I made this bag for my 12 year old Niece. I did not realize she liked the handmade things but she told my daughter she loves all the things I make so I decided I needed to make her something special. She wants a dolphin, which is why the last dolphin is purple because that is her favorite color. She will be getting the dolphin inside this bag when my daughter sees her this week.


Aren’t my models gorgeous!!! And yes the cutie on the left has purple hair.


I forgot to mention, we have been doing a lot of this also!!


Well, I am off to get some chores done, and wrap some Father’s Day goodies!!!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day celebration. Don’t forget to find some stitching time.

~ Jennifer ~


Michelle said...

Good for you on the you use Body Glide on your feet? If not, go to your local running store or sports store and invest in some...and then get some good wool socks. My running/walking store carries smart wool socks..I have three different thicknesses..I am using the lighter ones now as it is warmer and I use the thicker ones in the winter...since I started doing both, no more blisters...seriously...rub it all over your feet, toes, heels...anywhere you get blisters or chaffing!

Lynn said...

Good for you!! Ugh I have had to stop all walking while I'm recovering from a torn cartilage and then knee surgery last week. Apparently walking 6 miles a day for the past 5 years has led to some wear and tear.

Veronica said...

I congratulate you dear friend!! I hope you achieve your walk with a good physical condition, and that your energy is enough to feel in good physical condition, good to see you well!! I'm sending a big hug, I live here so cold a polar cold, flu and discomforts of winter itself. I'm sending a kiss from here. Vero

Cynthia Laube said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend!!Love your bags!!!!