Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alice the Designer

My youngest daughter Alice is a gal who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to work me hard to get it. She likes to draw little critters for me to stitch or sew all the time. I promised her yesterday I would sew one up for her.

And then sewed it up three or four times until she was happy with it. There were lots of changes along the way. She says she loves it but I can see in her eyes it is in need if more changes.   I went ahead and sewed together one of her drafts because I thought it was cute also.

My eldest daughter Natalie wanted me to make a Narwhal for her boyfriend ‘s Christmas present. I found a great little freebie pattern on Craftster.org by Angel Callie – here is the link. I made him one and made one for my booth.  I love how they turned out. I will be making more because they are so fun.

Here is another creation by Alice. I made the horse and let her decorate her. It is the “Love Pony” she says for Valentines. She is already thinking ahead. I still need to attach everything for her, I think she came out fantastic.


I also took these items up to the booth on Saturday.


I finished stitching the flowers on the Snowman Sampler wall hanging and it is at my booth.


And I have these I stitched and need to make up into something the next couple days.


I am beat. I am supposed to be sleeping because I work tonight and I stayed up all night sewing and vomiting from a bad migraine. I  couldn’t sleep so instead of laying around in pain I kept working which made me feel better but worse. Crazy, I know but I have needed to get things down and stop making excuses. I did go to the doctor yesterday and she put me back on Strattera for my A.D.D. I am so happy, I cannot wait for it to kick in. I have been putting that off for sometime and it has been getting real bad. I get it under control and get lax about it until my head is such a mess I don’t know what is up. I am sure I will be feeling better in a bit. I am really going to try to sleep now. I am turning off this computer and phone and cover my head with the blankets.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and finding a little stitching time.

~ Jennifer ~


janie said...

Hi Jenn,

Not sure if you received my email. If you have time please send my close ups of your shop pictures.

Merry Christmas and hope you feel better, Janie

Karen said...

Hi Jennifer,
Isn't it just wonderful when kids get involved in 'creating' - I think it is so fun and healthy for them and could lead to bigger thing when they are older...AND SHE HAS A WONDERFUL TEACHER!
Wonderful creations.

I pray for you and good health SOON...I so understand Migrains - used to take 'pills' for it but my dr. said good ole EXCEDRIN does the trick just fine and he's right - no more persc. meds for me...just take 2 or 3 Excedrin, lay down for about an hour and it takes hold...he even takes it for his so it can't be all bad.