Monday, January 7, 2013

It’s a New Year!

A lot of changes going on around here. I am very excited about one in particular. Starting in another week and a half I will be working full time at a new hospital less than 4 miles from my house. I have never in my life worked so close to home. I cannot believe I will not have to drive an hour to get to work anymore and I will be working day work! No more night work for me! I may just turn into a regular person. I am very excited. The kids are not too excited but I think they will change their minds once they see I am not a zombie anymore.

My booth at The Meeting Corner did wonderfully the first 2 1/2 months and I am quite excited about continuing selling items there. I will  be adding hand made  candles and room sprays beginning in February. They are not made by myself but by a very talented artist.  I will give more information on that when it gets closer.

My booth right now is looking a little empty and still has a few Christmas items left. I have not crafted in over two weeks because the entire house this time of year is always sick and we have been busy with so much other stuff.  I am hoping to work on some items this week and maybe rearrange the booth also.  Notice the little “anti-thief” sign. The owner put that up since we had a couple sticky finger incidents. I love that little sign. She is so creative! I am sure if someone is going to steal the sign wont make a difference but maybe it will make them think twice about it.

566608_10200486172703742_10888398_o (1)

Here are some items I have taken in recently:


These two were hand appliqued blocks I had done but never finished the other blocks for the wall hanging. Why let them go to waste right.


These two were going to my booth but ended up selling before they made it.


I have been stitching some blocks that I will be making into two coffee quilts/throws. They are all done in DMC 801 and each done on a different neutral background. At first I was going to put them into one quilt but I decided two would be nicer. They will be going to my booth when they are finished (if they make it – I have several customers asking for first dibs). Here are the first six, I think I have twelve to fourteen all together. I have not pressed them yet so they are a little wrinkly.


The kids had gift cards they wanted to spend from Christmas so we took a trip out to the mall and since I got a new job we celebrated by eating at the Japanese restaurant. I have not had real sushi in so long, it was so wonderful!!! I could eat it everyday!


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, I know we did. I worked my last Christmas Eve and New Years Eve nights I will ever work, very excited about that.  I actually have not made a New Years Resolution for this year and I most likely wont. I don’t think I need to since our lives will be changing so much for the better anyway with this job change. I would love to hear what you are going to tackle this year!  Please let me know!! I am off to stitch on a coffee quilt block.

Have a great week and don’t forget to find some stitching time!!!!

~ Jennifer ~


Trace4J said...

Great news friend.
How wonderful for you.
Love your stitches too.
Happy New Year
Woolie Hugs


Congrats on the new job. Mine is only 13 minutes away, you will definitely enjoy the extra time. So glad your booth is doing great, it looks like so much fun!! Happy New Year.

Lynn said...

Sound like some great changes for you! Your booth looks terrific, where is the Meeting Place?

Mary Ann said...

Wonderful news for you...congratulations! Being so close to work and cutting down the traveling time will make such a difference for you.

I love your coffee quilt blocks:)