Monday, August 5, 2013

I was so excited I was asked to do a punch needle project from a regular customer. I have not don’t a punch needle project in years. Let me just say I was not happy with the outcome. I will not, unfortunately be doing the project. It looked horrible and I promised myself I would not get tied up in something that I was not happy about again. I am sure I would get better but I did not want to use a project for someone else to practice.  So no more punch needle for me, unless I find some time to practice.

We lost our three year old hamster Little Buddy Sunday. I was really the only one, well besides Prancer, who paid any attention to him any more. It was a sad weekend because I could tell on Saturday he wasn’t going to survive much longer. Poor little guy. Our pet cemetery is running out of spots, sad to say it is awfully crowded back there.

On to happier things! Stitching! I have been doing some. I finished up the witch from Crab-Apple Hill Designs. I believe I am going to make a hanging pocket with it.  And I finished up a stitchery that I just thought was silly. I cannot remember the designer, it was in a pile of my already printed patterns, which is a pile about 2 feet high, and I grabbed it out without grabbing the information on it, now I can’t find it. If anyone knows please let me know.  I have not decided what I am going to do with it yet.  The last item I made was a large zippy bag for my daughters best friend. It was her birthday and Natalie insisted she have something hand made. I love my kids! Chocolate, itunes, pistachios, coffee cup and a hand made boxed zippy bag, who could ask for anything better.

photo (4)photo (2)photo (3)

I have a internet friend I met on Instagram name Paula. We did a little swap, well a big swap of her part so far.  I am making her a little bag with fabric she provided so she sent me all of these goodies. She is so sweet! You can follow her over at Miss Paula in Stitches, you will not be disappointed.

photo (5)

My oldest daughter wanted to learn to play tennis and since her daddy played in school he has been going out and teaching her a few moves. It has turned into a family event and everyone is loving it, well everyone except the people who know how to play in the court next to us.


Prancer is getting big. I think he is full grown now.  He is such a sweetie. He follows me EVERYWHERE!!!! I feel like I have a toddler in the room with me sometimes, but he has calmed down quite a bit since he was “fixed”.


Not much stitching going on right now. I have a couple projects started but nothing to show. Hopefully in a couple days I will have something new for you. Until then, don’t forget to find some stitching time and have a great week!

~ Jennifer ~

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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Jennifer!
I wish I could purchase some time ~ I really need some good quality stitchin' time ~ there's just so many projects on my list!!!
Your newest creations are awesome!!!
So sad about Little Buddy ~ even though their small they still touch our hearts.
Prancer looks like he has a lot of energy ~ he's so cute ~ enjoy!!!
Happy Creating Friend!
Prim Blessings