Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I should start off with some good excuse as to why I have not posted in so long, but yet again, I have no excuse. Life has been busy, along with my full time job I am still working at The Rusty Bucket on Saturdays. If you are local or looking for a nice road trip you should come visit the shop. It is a wonderful primitive country store. I shouldn’t say I work there, I mostly shop there.  A couple weeks ago I picked up this awesome crane shelf for our master bedroom.


Pam and Mack, the owners of The Rusty Bucket, are wonderfully generous people. They go on picking trips when they can to find unique items for the shop and on one of there trips they found this bundle of fabric homespuns all tied up with a bow. They had it waiting for me at the shop. Bright but pretty, right?


I have been making some things, not quite as much as I would like but enough to keep me happy. Here are some of the things I have made since January. As you can see I am loving the wool right now.


Anyone who knows me knows I have enough fabric to last me a lifetime. With this is a problem, how does one person use it all. I know I love to pick out quilts making piles of fabric and dreaming how good they would be together. I decided to start making easier quilts that go together quicker (that time thing) and ones you can really see the fabric. I picked out a fairly easy pattern and chose pink to work with. I am not a pink girl but I still enjoy pretty fabric no matter what color.


The pattern was written for a layer cake, thirty five ten inch blocks. I cut out two sets, thinking I would do two of the same. Well, I accidently cut them all wrong on the next step, so I had to go with a different quilt layout. I still have the second set of ten inch blocks and have not decided what pattern I will go with.


We enjoyed a couple little snow “storms” this year. I think everyone has in the United States this year. I made this little guy on my lunch break at work one day right outside my bosses window.


I have been stitching on this large pattern for a while using Presencia pearl cotton, I finally decided to finish it up. Now I am not happy with it. Some of the lighter colors do not show up in the picture very well and I am afraid they may have to be replaced. It looks much better in person but since I am not happy with it I have to change it I think.


We are having another Craft Fair at work, so I just started prepping for that. I am going to go a different route this time with what I make. So far I have these rice bags for heating up and freezing for all your pains. I need to think of a clever name for them, “boo-boo bags” or something.


My kids and I have a new addiction. The Walking Dead on AMC has become our favorite show. We did not start watching it until a couple weeks ago so we had to catch up on Netflix and Youtube. Now that we are caught up we just keep watching them over and over again. Of course our favorite man is Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, love him!


I even have dolls to prove it. No they will not come out of the package no matter how much my daughter begs.


I hope you are doing well and finding a little stitching time. Take care and I will post again soon!

~ Jennifer ~


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Whoohoo - I miss seeing your blog post Jennifer - glad to have you back, if even for a little while!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wow Jennifer you've have been busy ~ so many wonderful creations you made ~ love the cat pillow!!!
I'm not a pink girl either but the patterns and colors on your quilt are pretty ~ I think it will be gorgeous when it's done.
I Love the Walking Dead and Daryl is my favorite too or should I say my heart throb!!!
It was nice visiting with you today!
Take Care
Prim Blessings