Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another rainy day!!

It is raining again!!! The kids are all off to school. It is Ident-A Kid day, you know where they get ID cards made of themselves. They are very excited. Alice has her head turned funny because she is showing off her curling pony-tail.

I'm showered and ready for another grueling day at work - HA HA just kidding, the only thing grueling is the drive and its not so bad. I love working at the quilt store, helping people pick out patterns and fabric. The only draw back I guess is that I already have a head full of ideas and working with others only adds more ideas and as we know, there is not enough time.

Bernie asked me why I started a blog last night and I told him it is a good way for me to ramble about things I care about and not bother anyone or bore anyone. He said what about the people who read it and I responded with, well they don't have to, that is the beauty of it, people out there can be bored with my conversation but yet I do not have to see their boredom. BEAUTIFUL!! But, I will try to make it interesting. I cannot guarantee correct spelling or grammar though. Well actually, I can guarantee correct spelling as I just found out, because I had misspelled guarantee and spell check fixed that.

I am actually wearing shoes today, not flip flops, real tie up cover your whole foot shoes. So very uncomfortable. I may bring my flip flops just in case.

Okay off to feed all the animals and then off to work. Later

OMG I misspelled 'misspelled'

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