Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am so discouraged, I have not had time to enter anything the last couple days and I have such great news. I need to hurry before Bernie kicks me off the computer.

First big news event: "The Game Production Handbook", the new book from our very own Heather Maxwell Chandler. You are awesome girl. I am so very proud of you!! And very, very impressed.

Second, more big news. Lori and Susan from Bayberry Cottage, you know the yummy wool that we all want, have put out 2 brand new patterns. I made Lori pose for a picture today with the patterns. Susan wasn't there for the photo op. Here she is:

Tomorrow is the Fall Open House at the Rusty Bucket ( I have nothing to take. Well I actually do. I have some items already there and I have a few I have on hand to take. But I had hoped to have so much more. I make the crafty promise to be prepared at Christmas this year. So I made another hat pin cushion tonight, this one is much smaller and more "cottagey" . Bernie did not like any of the other ones but he says he actuallys likes this one. Here it is: (I have not learned how to set my new camera so the picture is not so great)

Well, it is time to get the little ones to bed. Maybe I will get motivated to do some Halloween stuff tonight for the show tomorrow.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the shout-out on your blog Jennifer!!! I like the hat pincushion. Can't wait to see what other Halloween stuff you have in store.