Sunday, September 14, 2008

Natalie the crafter!!!

Here's one of my little crafters with some of her creations. Natalie made the doll herself. She drew it out and sewed her up, made her clothes and did her hair. I stitched the face on her.

The quilt is awesome!! She wanted to make her teacher, who is having her ist baby, a quilt. I pinned and ironed and she manned the sewing machine all on her own. She makes me so proud. It is a beautiful quilt and I love the fabrics she chose.

Natalie is so awesome!!!


Heather said...

Natalie did a great job on that quilt! She picked some nice colors.

Jan said...

Dear Natalie,

Yor quilt is simply amazing and you did such a good job. At such a young age you have completed what so many of us take years to accomplish. I know you had a great teacher and must have your mothers creativity. However, this came from your hands and your heart. Beautiful!

This tickles me when young people take an interest in 'old fashion stuff'. I'm thinking you will never regret the memories. Enjoy the process (the road) as much as the outcome (finished work). Your skills will serve you well in so many areas of life, not just stitching. You go girl!