Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay, I am really upset. Yesterday a FedEx guy came to the house said he had a scheduled pick up from me (used my name) that was phoned in at noon that day. The hubby was home and called me, I said I knew nothing about it. I thought about it last night and thought maybe it was because I had called about returning some shoes I had bought online. Then today we have received over 20 calls from people saying they received a FedEx package with my return address on it and inside was a check ranging from $2000- to almost $5000. The check has different bank names on it and of course they are all bogus banks and the check is bogus. So we contacted FedEx, they would not give us any info about where the account was opened or anything else (I bet they wont be picky when it come to sending me the bill though). We contact our local sheriff's department and talked to a deputy. He took a report and said it would be maybe sometime next week for a detective to get back to me (nice!). So I have started cancelling charge accounts, put a freeze notice on the credit agencies and I don't know what else to do at this point but cry!! Whhhhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I had to leave work early today to deal with this. This sucks - Any advice?????

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Jan said...

Oh Jennifer... What a nighmare! Unfortunately I have no advice of my own but I do offer that you go to and check out this site and call his team. From listening to his radio broadcasts this would be a case in which they could offer some sound advice and action taking procedures for you.

On a lighter note... the song is definitely you. Well, a side of you as I know you appreciate all types of music. It did, however, catch me off guard and I nearly spilt my coffee. It was a good WAKE UP! :)

Continuing on the wake up theme was the hoops just to get this note posted! lol