Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sewing Machine Woes!!!


Oh my!!  I am in big trouble.  I have 3 sewing machines, 2 cheap singers and a Lena, a bottom of the line Husqvarna.  The Lena crapped out on me a couple weeks ago, started breaking needles, sounded like a freight train, okay so I have owned it for 6 years and never cleaned it or had it serviced, my fault.

Now tonight the other machine I use all the time, a Singer I got at Target (it worked really well, I loved it actually) just kicked the bucket, somehow. I have tried everything and it just wont work right.

So,  I plugged Natalie's cheapy Singer in and tried it, no go, my thread keeps breaking.  I guess it is off to handwork land.

I love handwork though.  If I wasn't in such a hurry to get things done these days I would hand piece everything.  When we first moved here I did just that.  I remember when I took a couple classes everyone was using the machine and I chose to still do it by hand.  I wasn't quite as fast, but I really enjoyed it.  I am not a "hand-only" nazi or anything but I miss those days or it not mattering how long it took to complete a project.

I was looking at someone's Flickr page a little bit ago and she made the cutest things - ALL HAND SEWN!!!  Loved it, thought about why I went to the machine and realized I did because everyone else I knew was working on the machine.  Sure it is nice and fast, which sometimes you need but maybe I don't want to be fast anymore, maybe I should just take a step back and do it the way I  LOVED to do it.

Or maybe I should just get my machine its much needed maintenance.

Off to happier things.  I received two great packages this week.  One is the first block for the Sue Spargo 2009 block of the month, it is called 'Silk Road'.  The fabrics are fantastic.  All different textures and colors, whoa!! lots of colors.  I took a photo (it didn't turn out so well):


The second is from Quilt Fabric Delights Pincushion of the month club.  You can find out about it here www.Quiltfabricdelights.com.au.  It is an Austrailian web store.  Very cute.  I have received I think about 4 or 5 (yes - you are correct I have not started any of them - they are just too cute in their packages).  Here is is:


Well I am getting harassed about still being on the computer.  I am being told I am not being productive while I am blogging.  One last shot to boost my mood and hopefully yours!!



TA TA for now!!!

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