Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun Day at the Zoo!

My youngest had a field trip today at a zoo in Coats, NC called Noah’s Landing.  It is a non-profit zoo , their motto is conservation and preservation through education. They have many rare and exotic animals for the kids to touch and to learn about, through their knowledgeable staff.  We had a great time, I think the kids were worn out.  It was a lot of walking around and a lot to take in for kindergarteners.  I am ready to start volunteering.  They have great opportunities for adults and children.  Here are a couple pictures of the day.

100_1558 100_1567100_1608 100_1519100_1597

Below are a couple pictures of my buddy the fennec fox, they were all named but I am unsure which one this one was.  When no one was around I kind of broke the rules a little.  He kept coming up to me and laying down next to the fence, letting me pet him.  So I just had to, every time I tried to walk away he would get and climb on the fence, how could anyone resist that face.   He was obviously a spoiled little guy.  I am in love with him.  I want one, probably because he reminded me of my Chihuahuas, (dare I tell them that). Sorry Thelma and Louise!!!

100_1587  100_1600

I had to put a picture of my old gals in here.  They will be 12 this year!!!


Here is a shot with Alice holding a little Hedgehog and the other is Alice holding Samantha, a kinkajous. I cannot remember what type most of the animals are but I will learn, because I will have to go back again.


They had so many animals.  Many different porcupine, a two-toed sloth, wallabies, lemurs, etc.  It was not the fanciest zoo you will go to but they don’t have a lot of money to work with, but the staff are all volunteers and know so much about the animals.  Very impressive place.  You can go to their web site, and see a list of the animals they have,    www.noahslanding2x2.com.

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